Pre-Wedding Beauty Regimen: Hair and Skin Care Tips For Brides-to-be

 Pre-Wedding Beauty Regimen: Hair and Skin Care Tips For Brides-to-be

It is finally happening. The day you've dreamt about since you were a little girl. It's your special day, and all eyes would be on you to see you as Bride in all your glory. Every girl wants to look nothing sort of ethereal on her wedding day and so you deserve the perfect flawless makeover. But like all good things, getting there will take extra effort and care.

"Great makeup works but nothing beats the all-natural beauty which makes all the difference and hence you should start with your new regime months before the D-day," says Dr. Stuti Khare Shukla, a renowned dermatologist who is popularly known as The Hair Growth Queen of India, and the youngest dermatology icon from India.

In a tete-e-tete with The HealthSite, Dr. Stuti shares some hair and skin care tips that will help brides-to-be in getting ready for the Wedding Day.

Bridal Skin Care Tips

Right Products to use in the right way: Cleanse your face every morning when you wake up with a good quality all-natural cleanser. Apply moisturizer daily to prevent dryness and oiliness in your skin. Use sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV ray of the skin which can damage your skin cells and cause. Exfoliate your skin with a good exfoliator or if you want to go all-natural add 5 spoons of sandalwood and orange peel in a jar. Use it thrice a week by mixing it with rose water.

Sleep: A sweet 6 to 8 hours sleep can do wonders to your skin as it can prevent dark circles and tired eyes as well as keep your skin glowing. Apart from this it also gives the body ample time to balance the hormones and refresh every morning.

A balanced healthy diet: Eating superfoods can aid in your skin rejuvenation and glow. A balanced diet has vitamins and antioxidants that can prevent most of the skin problems as it repairs skin cells. Avoid sugar and carbs in your diet that includes junk food like chips chocolate and ice creams as they are the primary cause of bloating and acne. You don't need to be reminded what 12 - 15 glasses of water can do for you as it is the most essential thing in your diet. Apart from water, healthy fluids like coconut water and lime water have a lot of antioxidants to remove toxins from your body.

Regular facial: Get monthly facials and face massages and treatment to detect skin problems and solve them.

Bridal Hair Care Tips

Problem detection: It is most important that you find out about your hair features and problems months before the wedding so you can work on those problems like dandruff and hair thinning if you have them.

Spa treatments: Make time for regular spa treatments at least twice a month, 2-3 months prior to the wedding. It helps with treating any kind of hair concerns like dry and frizzy hair, limp and lifeless air, curly and unmanageable hair.

Pick the right hair treatment based on your hair need: Deep hair conditioning is the most popular and one of the best hair treatments for brides as it nourishes the hair completely. If you have an oily scalp you can opt for exfoliation treatment.

A healthy diet with hair-friendly ingredients: This not just helps improve your skin but your hair too. Fill your diet with green leafy veggies and dry fruits. Almonds, cashews, dates, raisins, eggs, amla juice can help you get shiny and beautiful hair before your D-Day. Drink a lot of water and fresh juices to keep your skin & hair moisturized. Look to hair-friendly ingredients like biotin, folic acid, and Omega.

Supplements: If you have any skin care or hair issues like acne, pigmentation, dandruff, hairfall, etc., try to take supplements, it will help in collagen stimulation. For example, glutathione is a very good antioxidant and helps in reducing the stress level, while collagen supplements are important for shiny skin and healthy hairs. Multivitamins and Vitamin C serum for skin brightening, reducing acne spots and pigmentation issues.


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